I’m a Grandma on a mission! My beautiful grand-daughter Miya came along a bit earlier than I was expecting making me a Grandma at 45!!

I was, internally, mortified of course but also knew how blessed I was. Her arrival got me thinking about the state of things. It’s the topic on everyone's lips but no-one seems to know what to do to prevent the deterioration of our environment. It seems like an overwhelming task to 'save the world!’ What animals would be around for her to see when she got older.

Whether it be a hedgehog or a turtle, this made me realise that something had to be done. And not just for my Grand-daughter but for everyone's Grand-children. After discovering Wikaniko I realised quickly that we don’t have to take on this huge task all by ourselves. If each one of us were to do a few little things each day that barely even cause an inconvenience and in fact, often benefit us and save us money then we can do this together.

You don’t have to single handedly save the world, just make a few ripples. I hope that by letting you know about the products available here, it will give you the power to choose. And by choosing to make little changes in your daily buying habits then you can have that incredible feeling of making a difference.

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  • Are eco friendly
  • Do not contain any harsh chemicals
  • There is also a large Vegan section

I don't think it can be made any easier to be able to one stop shop for all your eco household needs.

Plastic is obviously a great concern and its dire affect it is having on the environment. ALL our plastic bags that are sold on here degrade into NOTHING (not even flakey little bits) in only 18 months... which is somewhat better than 400 years!!