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Hello Veganuary!

Let’s all hope that 2022 is somewhat different to 2021, in a positive way – obviously!
Have you made any New Year Resolutions? If you do, how long do they last?!?
Some of you may not know that January is Veganuary…so what is it??

Well, it was started in 2014 in a kitchen in York. The husband and wife team wanted to encourage people to “go vegan” for a month. This is now a Worldwide event. I do not claim to be vegan, as cheese is my nemesis!! But I have not eaten meat or fish for at least 4 years. But what about products? Have you ever thought about if they test on animals or have animal products in them? All my trial packs only contain vegan products.

The majority of the products available via my website are vegan. Do they work? Are they as good? I believe that they are – I don’t smell, my clothes are clean and my flat is clean (apart from regular muddy paw prints!) So if you could consider a day without animal products that would be AMAZING, and better than not doing anything, if a month is too daunting a day or 2 is great If you fancy trying some vegan products, please check out my trial packs


But I do know that there are new products coming out, but even  I do not know what they are yet !! The owners of Wikaniko (Kate and Andrew) took a well deserved “Closed” over the Christmas period so they could have some quality time with their young girls.

There will be some price rises later this month. There is no definite date as they have to wait until the info comes in from the manufacturers. I will let you know as soon as I know. So I will take this time to promote a couple of my trial boxes. As you know the sample sizes have increased (60ml for most liquid samples) but the variety in the boxes have reduced. I have 9 boxes in total at the moment. So if you fancy trying to make a change for better health and environment give one of them a go! Still only £12 plus postage per box

Everything Bamboo

This trial pack contains a toothbrush, toilet roll, washable kitchen roll and makeup remover pads. As the title suggests they are all made from Bamboo!!

Variety Box 4

Did you know I sell bin bags? These bags are oxi biodegradable which means they revert back to CO2 and H20 in 18 months – not a flaky bit in sight!! .  A roll of Heavy Duty black sacks are included in this box. Along with body wash, bath bombs, soap nuts and a bag to put them in, in the washing machine

Variety Box 8

This variety box contains kettle and iron descaler, handwash, toothpaste tablets, floor cleaner, chocolate and a bar of soap!

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