Positivity allowed successful decisions in an unplanned pivot to succeed

vintage vegan candle co lavendar
vintage vegan candle co lavendar

As some of you are aware, hopefully by now, Wikaniko is closing its doors after 13years of business. I have been associated with this brilliant company for over 6 years. Well, it was this company that got me starting to think more eco and how to easily change my old habits into more eco ones!

I looked it up “ Pivoting in a business refers to making a significant change to the company’s strategy, product, or service offerings to better align with market demands, trends, or changes in the business environment. Managing a successful pivot requires careful planning and execution”.

Hmmm, really?

Dissecting the above:

Significant change to the company’s strategy – well they closed, I guess that is significant? This has, in turn, made me look at other ways I could get the eco message out there.

I initially looked at affiliate schemes. Good idea, I like the concept if selling someone else’s products, but I would really, really have to be specific about the product and the company. Also, I was concerned that this could damage my reputation I have taken 6 years to build up – would customers think I was only promoting because I would receive a payment??

I then looked up “Eco product reviews” on YouTube – man that was depressing – too long, too boring, very monotone, yawnnnn!

This led me to videos! Well this is obviously work in progress. I now have a Tiktok account as well as YouTube. I am preferring Tiktok, at the moment – Blimey you can loose an hour or two there can’t you?!?! 

“…. Market demands…..”. Well, I am still trying to give advice about eco and how easy it can be. But also I have shifted towards “Eco is not just about cleaning”! I am loving researching eco products which can be given as a gift or used at home with yourself. This has restored my confidence that there are people out there who are creating ideas and products which are great for the Planet. This is obviously work in progress. But, I am really pleased that feedback from customers is showing that they are loving my choice, which means a lot to me. Please have a nosey on my website and see what you think

“…. Careful planning and execution….” Well, this could be what I am attempting to do (in a very loose definition). I would have defined it as “give it a go and see what happens!” – not very business like I suppose but it has worked for me for the last 6 years!

My business seems to be more online sales rather than at “in person” events. This could have something to do with me spending more time on line than at events? Don’t you think???

Don’t you think???

With this in mind I have sourced some amazing compliment slips, rather than business cards, from www.printlady.co.uk . They are made from seaweed paper – who knew it was a thing? I also send a piece of seed paper with it, so the person can have some flowers for their garden too. If you want to see for yourself you had better place an order hahahahahaha.

I would love you to contact me and let me know what you think or let me know what you might like to see?  info@anygreenwilldo.co.uk

Thank you for your continued support and thinking eco  

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