Can You Change Your Habits?

Do you walk away from a problem, or do you try and solve it?

Do you take responsibility or blame it on someone else?

Over the last 5 years, our impact on our World has been highlighted in the media and by celebrities, warning us how our lifestyles and greed (?) have killed species of plant and animal. Global Warming is raising water levels and landmass is being swallowed up… so that’s it then? We are doomed? We have ruined the future of our generations?

I suppose you could think like that, sit in the corner, shut your eyes and pretend it is not happening?

Or actually decide that you ARE going to do something about it and YOU WLL make a difference!

Luckily, I thought the latter! I became a Grand-ma 4 years ago, that was it – I want her to have a future, so I am a Grand-ma on a mission. I am not as famous as Sir David Attenborough, and I certainly don’t have the ‘clout’ he does, but I AM making a difference.

People have said to me it is only one plastic straw….what if 10 million fast food users said that? And look what happened, bowing under pressure from the bottom up!

I go out to events and meetings, I often get “oh I already use a shampoo bar, I get it from my local shop” and I say “fantastic, I don’t care where you have bought it from you are making a difference and you are on the road to converting!”

Don’t look at the whole picture, you will be daunted. Just do one thing at a time.

Use up what you have at home and then replace with its eco alternative. Over 3 or 4 months you will have completely changed over and you’ve done it! Congratulations! is my business… just think Jason Donovan and you’ll never forget it!! well its my part of a bigger business (Wikaniko (we-can-eco))I have done many years of corporate life, but this business has me buzzing and OK I admit… I love selling toilet cleaner, deodorant, EcoEggs for your washing and poo bags!!! Along with another 1,000 eco-friendly, boring (yes, boring) products BUT they are what we all need/use  every day – just think what a difference we could make just by swapping?????

I still use an electric toothbrush, there is no point in me throwing it away into landfill and replacing it with a bamboo one! There are now companies which recycle toothbrush heads – sorted!

Landfill – Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the most waste full businesses around? The amount of material they dispose of to get THE right one is awful. So what can you do about it? Buy from charity shops – stop being a snob and buy second hand! I have bought some lovely bits from them. Also, check out companies like Rachel Smithson makes kids clothes from previous clothing… how amazing is that????

Do you save things and think “Oh I wonder if I can make it into something else” or “that could be my answer”. I know that I have, and am often pleased with my result. If you down to the local shops or markets, you can often see(thank goodness) recycled, previously known as junk, things which have been given a new lease of life. .

La Di Da have an eco section within their on line business, which is becoming the norm. The more available products are, the more they will become everyday.

Plastic is an amazing invention IF used in the right manner – I still have Tupperware from over 20 years ago, it’s brilliant. What isn’t, is single use like packaging, cling film, toothpaste tubes… I could go on, but you get the jist!

The biggest problem Humans have is being habitual! They always shop in Tesco on a Friday night, they always use Persil as their mother used it, take away Pizza on a Saturday… you know what I mean…!

So trying something different is ‘ohhhhh way out of comfort zone”. There was life before plastic, there was life before chemicals. There was life before diseases like cancer, neurological conditions, and behavioural problems. The only thing which has changed is our environment! So let’s step out of our comfort zone and take that first step… Just think how far we could go if we all just did that?

These businesses are all members of the multi award winning ‘idea’ where you can gain discounts AND go eco AND support local… what more can you want?

Just remember,“It doesn’t cost the earth to save the Earth”

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