Hello Veganuary!

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Let’s all hope that 2022 is somewhat different to 2021, in a positive way – obviously!Have you made any New Year Resolutions? If you do, how long do they last?!?Some of you may not know that January is Veganuary…so what is it?? Well, it was started in 2014 in a kitchen in York. The husband…

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Collecting Roxy!

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OK, I’m late again… BUT it is only 1 day AND I do have a good excuse! (I think!) I am actually collecting Roxy today… I miss Buster terribly, but I also miss having a dog. So, me being me, have adopted a Romanian refugee! She is 2 years old and we think a cross…

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The Cop26 Update

See, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to manage a newsletter on the 1st of the month for too long (although I was hoping for more that 2months!). It is similar to going eco I suppose, thought and effort is always there but sometimes something slips, which is OK but always get…

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Can You Change Your Habits?

Do you walk away from a problem, or do you try and solve it? Do you take responsibility or blame it on someone else? Over the last 5 years, our impact on our World has been highlighted in the media and by celebrities, warning us how our lifestyles and greed (?) have killed species of…

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