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Collecting Roxy!

OK, I’m late again… BUT it is only 1 day AND I do have a good excuse! (I think!)

I am actually collecting Roxy today… I miss Buster terribly, but I also miss having a dog. So, me being me, have adopted a Romanian refugee! She is 2 years old and we think a cross between a Dachshund and a Basset Hound. She has been staying with a foster parent for 3 weeks.

I popped over and saw her, fell in love (dog not foster parent!) I had to buy all the bits and arrange insurance etc. I did have to laugh because on the list was a tracker…. I mean really? On anything apart from a sausage dog with big ears I would have thought , but hey!

Thank you to those of you who joined in with the “Give Back Friday” – great to know that you were supporting charities as well as being environmentally friendly… As you know, I have changed my Trial Packs – they are all now live on my website (thank you Heather Hulbert).

I am glad that some of you have the same sense of humour as me as my Christmas Boxes as proving popular – Bamboo Socks , Chocolate and Bamboo Toilet roll – a practical gift if there ever was one!!

What’s New This Month?

This month, I have just highlighted a few ideas for Christmas gifts – See we are not just about cleaning!

Candle Making Kits

These kits come in the same scents as the candles, but you can have fun making them yourselves! £16.99

Seed Balls

There are lots of different types of seed balls. But I love the idea of the Hedgehog Mix! – Me I can imagine baby Hogs bouncing around your garden – alas not. The seeds in the balls grow plants which attract insects which the Hogs love eating. £6.09

Bath Salts

Nothing beats a good soak after a hard day! These come in 4 scents

and are from Wales. This is very popular and must admit smells divine £9.99

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