The Cop26 Update

See, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to manage a newsletter on the 1st of the month for too long (although I was hoping for more that 2months!).

It is similar to going eco I suppose, thought and effort is always there but sometimes something slips, which is OK but always get back on to it!!

A lot has happened for me and the World since I last contacted you.

I had to put my beloved soulmate Buster down a couple of weeks ago, which was hard, but best for him. We had had nearly 13 years together so lots of fond memories. I will get an older rescue dog when the right one finds me….


It is great  that over 100 countries realise that this is a now or never situation. Shame that Russia and China dont think so… Mind you, Biden has had a go at them too.

Key points from what I can gather are;

  • Stopping Rain Forest destruction
  • UK firms are having to show how they will become net zero
  • Stopping investments in companies which invest in fossil fuels, they will have to invest in green energy
  • Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos, will invest £1.5bn to restore landscapes and transforming food systems (?)
  • Faster transition to electric cars

To name but a few. I honestly think people are realising there is no other option. As I always say to people, you can make a difference, take responsibility and make you own environment as good as you can. Changing something is better than nothing!

What’s New This Month?

Here’s the latest products that have been added to the shop this month. Take a look and see what little steps you can take to make your home more eco-friendly.

Plum and Mulberry Handwash

OK, I know it is not technically a new product, but it is a new scent to compliment to existing Lime  and Aloe Vera. £4.40 for 500ml . Also available as a 5L

Bamboo Socks

Christmas would not be Christmas if you didn’t have socks! But these are bamboo and sold as 2 pairs with Christmas design. Ladies size 4-7; Gents 7-11. Both £13. Individual christmas socks are also available

Bamboo Cutlery

This bamboo set is wrapped in a cotton cover. This is ideal for popping into your bag ready for a picnic or a takeaway. £12

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