Elephant Dung Notepads


This elephant dung stationery is hand-crafted from 25% recycled paper and 75% elephant dung, meaning there can be some variation in the texture and shade of the paper covers depending on their diet. Each one is truly as unique as the elephant that helped to create it!


The products in this elephant dung range are made by skilled and creative artisans using elephant dung paper from the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust. The ultimate in recycling, elephant dung is collected and boiled to sterilise it before the paper-making process.

The paper is acid-free and coloured with only natural dyes. As unique as the animal that helped to produce it, each piece of paper is different depending on the diet of the elephant. Improving the outlook for the majestic elephants of Sri Lanka, Maximus has its workshop in the grounds of the Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF), a wonderful small charity that cares for sick, old, and disabled elephants. Working with initiatives like Maximus, the foundation is able to show the positive relationship local economies can have with these amazing animals, and work towards resolving the conflict between the elephants and the local communities as they turn to eat farmers’ crops, as their natural habitat is destroyed.

Notecube: £8.95 + £3.65 p&p

These colourful pocket-sized notebooks make a great little gift for your favourite doodler. Each notebook contains 60 multicoloured, unlined pages of handmade paddy husk paper. Dimensions: Small – 8.5 × 10 cm.

Currently available in Blue, Yellow, Orange, Naturale or Green

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Blue, Naturale, Green, Orange, Yellow


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