Sample Box 4


Our sample boxes are a great way to introduce eco-friendly products to your home. This sample box includes a gorgeous bar of organic chocolate, tinned deodorant, and bamboo make-up remover pads, to name just a few of the amazing items included.



Sample Box 4 will contain the following samples of products for you to try at home:

Bar of chocolate – Conscious Chocolate Raw, organic, vegan.   RRP £1.80

Bamboo make-up remover pads – Bambow brand; the sample box contains a complete pack of 12 soft pads and 3 scrub make-up remover pads.   RRP £15.00

Hair mask – Ayurvedic herbal hair mask will cleanse, soothe and nourish your hair and scalp to encourage stronger, more vibrant hair. This unique hand-blended, extremely potent powder formula will help ease itchy scalps, balance excess oil and promote stronger and healthier hair growth.   RRP £7.30

Tinned deodorant – Earth conscious, lemon and raspberry. Use fingers to apply.   RRP £7.00

Kettle & iron descaler – Ecozone. Removes limescale – 3 in a pack.   RRP £3.00

Drain cleaning kit – The Ecozone drain sticks are a new innovation in effective drain maintenance. The sticks break down almost anything that gets through the plughole, which causes blockages and bad odours in the kitchen and bathroom – 12 in a pack.   RRP £8.00

Bathroom cleaner – BioD Ultra-effective and tough on limescale and watermarks. It can also be used on glass, ceramics, Perspex, chrome, and most non-porous surfaces. Simply squirt, wait (not too long) and then wipe.   RRP £2.90 for 500ml

Floor cleaner – BioD, with linseed soap.   RRP £4.10 for 750ml

Soda crystals – Dri Pak.   RRP £1.50 for 1000


*BONUS – Every box will contain a money-off coupon to be used on your next purchase via my eco-shop.*

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