The Kitchen Box


Our trial packs are a great way to introduce eco-friendly products to your home. The ‘kitchen’ trial pack includes eco-friendly laundry liquid, kettle & iron descaler, and bio-degradable bin bigs to name just a few of the amazing items included. 



The Kitchen Box will contain the following selection of eco-friendly products for you to try at home:

Washing up liquid – concentrated.   RRP £2.29 for 750ml (5L also available)

Dishwasher tablets – No need to unwrap, great for low temperatures and short cycles.   RRP £12.99 for 65 tablets

Washing machine cleaner – Ecozone provides this handy pack of 6 month supply of washing machine/dishwasher tablets. They will remove limescale and the build-up of detergent.  RRP £5.00 per pack

Bin bags – All our bin bags are made by D2W and are oxi-biodegradable into just H2O and CO2 within 12-18 months.  RRP £2.19 per roll

Drain cleaning kit – The Ecozone drain sticks are a new innovation in effective drain maintenance. The sticks break down almost anything that gets through the plughole, which causes blockages and bad odours in the kitchen and bathroom – 12 in a pack.   RRP £7.99

Floor cleaner – BioD, with linseed soap.   RRP £4.09 for 750ml

All-purpose sanitiser – BioD – Includes orange oil for degreasing. Has food grade standard.   RRP £3.00 (500ml);  (5L bottles also available)

Magic eraser – Shifts stubborn stains from walls to stainless steel hobs. Can be cut down to size and used either wet or dry.  RRP £2.30

Kettle & iron descaler – Ecozone. Removes limescale – 3 in a pack.   RRP £2.99

Mesh food bag.   RRP £2.60

Soda crystals – Dri Pak.   RRP £1.49 for 1000

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