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Our trial packs are a great way to introduce eco-friendly products to your home. This trial pack includes reusable soap nuts, gorgeous bath bombs and body wash, to name just a few of the amazing items included. Includes FREE DELIVERY!



Variety Box 4 will contain the following selection of products for you to try at home:

Body Wash – Faith in Nature – Grapefruit & Orange.  RRP £5.80 400ml (5L also available)

Bath Bombs Lemongrass and Mandarin – They are great value. Each bomb weighs in at approx 120-140 grams and contains essential oil blends, therefore allowing you to experience that relaxing aromatherapy bath.

This bath bomb contains lemongrass essential oils. Research has shown that the essential oil of lemongrass helps people to relax and can be useful for helping to relieve eat restlessness and stress so you can imagine how therapeutic a bath with one of these bath bombs in would be.  RRP £22.40 for 9 bombs

Soap Nuts – Place 4 or 5 shells in the bag and place them in the washing machine. Soap nuts can be reused 4 or 5 times then simply compost.  RRP £13 for up to 480 washes

Soap Nut Bag –  RRP £1.50

(NB will provide instructions on the best way to use soap nuts)

Heavy Duty Black Sacks, D2W – These bags oxi-bio degrade back to CO2 and H2O within 18 months, so no flaky bits or anything!  RRP £2.20 for 10 bags

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 by Anonymous

I really enjoy the trial boxes, its such a great way of getting an idea of the products I want to buy. The bath bombs and shower gel are gorgeous and smell amazing. I was particularly impressed with the bin bags as they as strong but still biodegradable which is brilliant as we get through quite a few cleaning out our guinea pigs. All highly recommended.

Thank you, I am so very pleased that you enjoyed the variety found in this pack. The bin bags are oxi-biodegradable which mean they turn back to CO2 and H2O within 18 months - it is a win win as far as I can see!! Thank you for thinking eco x

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1 review for Variety Box 4

  1. Heather

    This is the second sample box I’ve bought, great range of products, and a fab way to try new things without the expense of buying the full sized item every time. Already planning on which items I’ll buy more of!

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